M.E.N.D. Bryan | College Station Chapter


The M.E.N.D. Bryan | College Station chapter meets once monthly. Browse the topic links on this page to learn more about where we meet, special events, and where you can connect with us on Facebook.

Jennie Drude
Chapter Director
(979) 220-7851


We were surrounded by love, peace, and comfort. We were bonded the moment we stepped in that room... a quiet blessing from devastation.
— Meredith McNeil
When I am with other people in this group, there is a sense of relief knowing I am surrounded with other people who have a similar story.
— Janet Divin
I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders- I was not alone in this.
— Jennie Drude
When I first heard about M.E.N.D. support groups, I felt like I wouldn’t belong. I felt like my loss was going to be so much less than others’ and that I didn’t have the right to be there or be grieving. After attending my first meeting, I was surprised and overwhelmed with relief to learn just how wrong I was. After leaving my first meeting, I knew I had found a new tribe; one that gave no judgement on my thoughts and ideas, made me feel like I was no longer alone in my grief and experiences, gave me a place to discuss my feelings without any of the awkward and unknowing responses, and helped me to learn about how to grow through my loss.
— Jaecee Crawford