Here is a collection of media related items for the Bryan/ College Station chapter of M.E.N.D. :

Interview with KBTX October 9th, 2018 - Speaking about the Walk or Remembrance for October 2018

Infant Loss Awareness Month on KBTX - Jennie talks about October as Infant Loss Awareness Month and the many events and different ways for people to remember their lost loved ones.

KBTX talks about Mother's Day with M.E.N.D. - Jennie and LaRhesa share insight into what parents might go through on Mother's Day and give some tips on how family and friends can help out.

KBTX Interview about Balloon Release - Jennie and LaRhesa talk about M.E.N.D. and the 2016 balloon release

Peace 107:7 - M.E.N.D. B/CS wants to thank Peace 107 for supporting M.E.N.D. by airing a daily PSA

Interview with KBTX - On 7/5/2016 chapter director Jennie Drude had an interview about M.E.N.D. on this local news channel. 

Article in the Eagle - An article on M.E.N.D. appeared on the front page of the Region section of the Eagle