M.E.N.D. San Antonio Leadership Team

Katie Mcclelland - CHAPTER DIRECTOR


I have known I wanted to name my first baby Dylan since high school. I am a huge Bob Dylan fan, and I have said for years and years that my first baby, boy or girl, would be called Dylan.

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we were both over the moon! When it came time to find out what we were having, the great name debate started. My husband wanted to have a junior and I was still set on Dylan. So we compromised; a boy would be called Michael and a girl would be Dylan. We soon found out, it’s a girl!  

I loved being pregnant, watching my belly grow bigger and feeling her happy kicks and dancing up a storm! I knew she was going to be a total daddy’s girl too, because the first time she kicked really hard, Mike was talking to her and rubbed my tummy. It was such a sweet moment for our little family. We welcomed her into the world on August 26th of 2016. 8 pounds and 6 ounces of perfectness and I could immediately tell she was going to look like me, dark eyes and red hair! We were so  happy! Everything was going perfectly, until it wasn’t. When she was 6 days old we lost her after an accident at home. 

My world stopped.  My heart shattered.  We had an amazing support system. So many friends and family offering love and support.  But I needed something else. I donated my breastmilk until I naturally dried up and that was great. Doing something that could benefit babies was comforting but I knew I really needed to find someone who understood what I was going through. When a friend told me about M.E.N.D. I instantly wanted to check it out. I knew during that first meeting in Bryan / College Station, this group was going to be so important in my journey to heal. I needed M.E.N.D., it was such a good fit.  I looked forward to meetings all month. The relief from finally having people to talk to that understood was unbelievable. When I found out I was going to be moving to San Antonio, I knew I would miss my ladies in College Station. I had become so close to this group but realized what an amazing opportunity I had to share this ministry with this part of Texas. I’m grateful to be the Chapter Director of M.E.N.D. – San Antonio to help bring peace and comfort to the grieving parents in our area.

M.E.N.D. is a registered 501(c)(3) and was founded in Irving, TX in 1996.  Please take a moment to meet our Board of Directors and national leadership team.

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