About Us

Support Venues

M.E.N.D. provides several venues of support to the grieving family. This includes an extensive resource reference on this web site, local chapters (support groups) in select areas, Facebook Groups and global support through the mailing of printed bi-monthly newsletters through postal services worldwide.


M.E.N.D. is pleased to have hosted this web site for 19 years. Our web site offers an extensive collection of resources of both content and community to help you heal. Resources include a book and publication list, music list, keepsakes, list of infant loss organizations, links to family memorials, and healthcare provider (HCP) resources. 


We currently mail bi-monthly newsletters to over 1,500 subscribers on our mailing list representing 45 states in the U.S. and 12 other countries.  Our newsletters can also be downloaded from our web site.

Local Chapters

We host a variety of support groups in the Dallas | Fort Worth area. We also have chapters in Illinois, Southwest Missouri, Oklahoma and Northwest Washington; including four additional Texas chapters in Bryan | College Station, Houston, Texarkana, and Wichita Falls.  For more information, browse our local chapter web pages.

Facebook Groups

Join one of our ten Facebook Groups; nine of which correspond to our local chapters.  It is not necessary for you to participate in a local chapter to join one of our groups.