Donate Online

To donate online, click the link below: 

Donate to M.E.N.D. through Network for Good 

If you choose to donate online, please email us and specify if your gift is made in memory of a baby. Please include the baby's name (if named), date of birth and/or date of death, the parents' names, and the name of the benefactor. Donations are acknowledged in the printed and online versions of the bi-monthly magazine. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #1 OF 2: M.E.N.D. receives checks from Network for Good once per month and the processing of each donation can take a few weeks. If you are making a ceremony sponsorship donation or you want your donation acknowledged in a specific magazine issue (and the submission deadline is quickly approaching), please call Rebekah Mitchell at (972) 506-9000 to donate over the phone in lieu of our online capability.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2 OF 2: If you make a donation during the month of December and wish to receive a giving receipt for the same calendar year, we suggest not donating online due to the delay in our receiving the donations through Network for Good.