M.E.N.D. Leadership Team

We invite you to contact us and provide us with your stories, feedback, suggestions, and any requests. We are here to "comfort you with the comfort we have received from God..." If you have resources of comfort you would like to share, please let us know. We desire to be of help in any way possible.

Board of Directors

Rebekah Mitchell
Founder & President

DaLana Barsanti
Vice President

Byron Mitchell, D.D.S.

Marilyn Brown
Board Member

Cheryl Davis
Board Member

Brandee Dill
Board Member

Brittney Fish
Board Member
Food & Fellowship Coordinator

Calli Stanley
Board Member
Merchandising Coordinator

Tina Rusert
Board Member

Amber Zuckerman
Board Member
Garden of Hope Project Manager

Advisory Board

Laura Bateman
Volunteer Coordinator

Jenae Bowmer

Sable Gonyea

Norma Jordan

Paula Schear

D'Anna Sims

Liz Walker  
Subsequent Pregnancy Group Facilitator

Chapter Directors

MEND Headquarters (Dallas | Fort Worth)
Rebekah Mitchell

MEND Online (Nationwide Online Support)
Victoria Alcorn

MEND Colorado (Denver)
Kimberly Adams

MEND Florida (Palm Beach)
Jessica Gaddie

MEND Illinois (Chicagoland)
Sara Hintz

MEND Michigan (MidMichigan)
Karen Kilbourn

MEND Missouri (Springfield)
Kathryn Gold

MEND Oklahoma (Tulsa)
Lisa Daily

MEND Texas (Bryan | College Station)
Jennie Drude

MEND Texas (Houston)
Stormy Mitchell

MEND Washington (Silverdale)
Stacy McGhee


Jennifer Harrison
Newsletter Editor

Kyle Rabe
Internet and Systems Integration

Jason Drude
Internet and Systems Integration

If you are interested in leadership opportunities with M.E.N.D., please email Rebekah Mitchell at Rebekah@mend.org.