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At 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant our son, Gideon, was born into the arms of Jesus. He was such a miracle to us because he came after years of infertility and after we had already lost his older sibling through  miscarriage. Our hearts were totally shattered. My husband and I had to cling to God just to survive every moment. At the hospital, they gave me a M.E.N.D. brochure and I knew I needed to attend a meeting.

From the moment I walked through the doors, I received love, grace, understanding, and compassion.  Sitting in a room with other parents who knew my pain brought comfort to my broken heart. God used M.E.N.D. to draw me closer to Him and to heal my pain. When I was pregnant with Gideon, God made a promise to me that our child would bring many people to Himself. I believe being facilitator of M.E.N.D.-Houston is one of the ways the Lord will keep that promise. Our M.E.N.D. family also gave us love and encouragement through a high risk and very emotional subsequent pregnancy after the loss of our son. After becoming the Chapter Director of M.E.N.D.-Houston, we lost a baby for the 3rd time, one of our twins.

M.E.N.D. supported us and loved us through our grief once again. They gave us support while I was still pregnant with one baby and grieving another. I am forever thankful for the relationships and compassion I have received from those in M.E.N.D. As the Lord has comforted me and used others to comfort me, God has given me a heart to come alongside other grieving parents and walk with them on their grief journey. As the director of the Houston chapter, I will always do what I can to give support and love to hurting families in our community.

Kessi Wilhite Katy Satellite Director

Kessi Wilhite
Katy Satellite Director

Meet Kessi...

I’m Kessi Wilhite – Director of the M.E.N.D. Greater Houston – Katy Satellite Chapter. My husband, David, and I rejoice in our role as parents to four children – two whom we parent on earth, and two who we long for in Heaven.

When I was pregnant with my second son in 2012, I was over-the-moon ecstatic. Life was forming a perfectly painted picture right in front of me. I found myself sitting in awe of God’s masterful works and goodness as we awaited the arrival of our son. In the early spring of 2012, everything changed in an instant. For several long weeks, we found for my unborn son’s life. On April 25, 2012 Jacob Martin was born. It was too soon. And then, he died.

I spent about six months floating through existence in various stages of numbness and darkness. In the middle of the night in early-August 2012, I finally opened up a brochure that I had gotten from my hospital. The act of attending a M.E.N.D. meeting that month was the catalyst for change in my emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

In 2015, I once again found myself expecting a son. I proceeded to exist in a state of cautious excitement – and thanks to my M.E.N.D. family, I was really and truly able to enjoy parts of my pregnancy. Then, on April 1, 2015, my world once again went dark. My son, Isaac Odell, died during labor. He was so tiny, so precious, so perfect, and he was gone.

I found myself, 10 days later, once again at a funeral for one of my children, surrounded by my M.E.N.D. sisterhood. This time, from the beginning, they walked with me through the sorrow and the ache of living through loss again. It was still awful. It was still something I did not want in any way, shape, or form. But I had my people, and they made sure I didn’t get left behind in the craters of grief.

My heartfelt prayer is that M.E.N.D. Greater Houston – Katy will be a blessing unto your life the way that M.E.N.D. was a blessing to mine. I am so sorry that you have to be here, I am so sorry that you need love, but I am so glad you’ve found us.

Nikisha Griffin-Perry Kingwood Satellite Director

Nikisha Griffin-Perry
Kingwood Satellite Director

Meet Nikisha...

I am a mother to three. My first baby and only son was born still December 2, 2000. Then I have two living daughters. I was 39 weeks pregnant when I went for an ultrasound and the technician was like “ I'll be right back” half way through the scan. I immediately got a sinking feeling in my stomach. The doctor came in and verified the technicians scan and informed us about our “fetal demise”. Worst day of my life and the next five years I suffered through a deep dark depression. I questioned God and walked away from my faith. I could not understand or grasp why my baby died. I felt so alone in my struggle and people thought I should get “over it” already. I don't want parents to have to feel like they are alone after they hear the worst news of their lives. I want parents to know it's okay to feel how they feel and seek help if they need to.


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