M.E.N.D. Tulsa Leadership Team



On March 11, 2010, our family had no previous sense of loss. Brooke Sophia was scheduled for her C-Section the morning of the 12th and all indications were positive that she and I were healthy. Our family went to bed peacefully only to be waken by the excitement of the water breaking and getting ready to go to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, our worst nightmare became a reality when Brooke's heartbeat could not be found. After delivery, it was determined that her cause of death was Vasa Previa.

Our debilitating loss led us to M.E.N.D. My husband and I began attending monthly meetings in April 2010. M.E.N.D. gave us the unique perspective and insight needed to cope with such a specific tragedy. It showed us we were not alone. When the opportunity arose for me to take on the directorship role at M.E.N.D. - Tulsa, it was a big deal for me, because I never could have imagined myself ministering to others in an organization like this. However, I held the deep conviction that Brooke's life had meaning and her spirit would continue to glorify God through M.E.N.D. It has been a privilege to passionately serve as the Tulsa chapter director since August 2011.

M.E.N.D. is a registered 501(c)(3) and was founded in Irving, TX in 1996.  Please take a moment to meet our Board of Directors and national leadership team.

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